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A set of compiler tools for CSharp

NOTE: Project schedule has been adjusted. Scope slightly increased.
Focus is on full delivery of Lexer to production release then followed by Syntax & AST Engine.

Features of the Lexical Analyser
- Parses a set of regular expressions making up a lexical definition
- Regular expressions as well as source input can be specified in UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32
- Compiles set of regular expressions into a compressed optimised DFA
- Can create macro library of common regular expression constructs.
- Macros and DFAs can be persisted to disk or any stream
- Optimal buffering of input
- Greedy or non greedy execution of Lexer Engine
- Ability to context switch triggered by token recognition

Phase 1 - Alpha Release 30 November 2008 (Including documentation & test cases)

Phase II Syntax Analyzer & AST Generation
- LALR(1) Table Generation for Syntax Analysis
- Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) generation
- Access tools to use AST for semantic analysis
- Integrated execution engine for Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis and AST creation.
- On the fly table generation and/or creation of persistent tables for later re-use.
- Abstraction layer between Language Specification and the AST
- Language specified within a .NET Language and resullting tables executed in any .NET language
- No details of compiler theory knowledge required.
- Well document and demo'ed.

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